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A Coastal Chic Teenage Room Makeover

Hey there, Free Spirit family! Are you ready to be swept away by some major design inspiration? I’m beyond excited to share our latest project with you—a dreamy coastal chic room makeover for a teenage girl that’s packed with style, personality, and beachy vibes! 🌟

Check out the full transformation here: Watch Now: Coastal Chic Teenage Room Makeover

The Transformation Journey

This was a total refresh the only thing I kept were her side tables which I up-cycled (watch to see!). My goal? To create a serene, stylish space that feels like a teenage room rather than a baby room—and create a room that will grow with her!

The Inspiration 🌴

Inspired by the soothing colors and textures of the coast, I wanted to blend functionality with a laid-back beach vibes, but in a sophisticated way. In fact, the only “coastal” item is a beautiful seashell pillow that just adds that finishing touch to the room. In the rest of the room, I brought in coastal touches through the textures, colors, and accessories.

I start every project with a design board, and I have recently introduced virtual design services. So if you want us to help you and you are not local, we can create a beautiful look specifically for you—see more here!

Key Features of this Beautiful Teenage Coastal Makeover

1. Color Palette & Wallpaper: Wait till you see the gorgeous wallpaper we added, and soft tones throughout with a few touches of gorgeous beach tones to give this teenager her dream room.

2. Furniture, Closet Door Updates, & Décor: See how we updated the room with new incredible closet doors, and added new furniture while selectively up-cycling a few pieces to add that beachy feel.

3. Textiles and Windows: See some of my favorite drapery tips and how I mix different items to add texture to create a natural cozy coastal vibe.

4. Lighting: Soft, ambient lighting was key to making this space feel warm and inviting. I added some candles and we updated the ceiling fan to a beautiful coastal wood fan that offers extra lighting and style.

Watch the Magic Unfold! 🎥

Words can only do so much justice to this incredible transformation. Head over to our YouTube channel to see the full makeover process in action. Trust us, you won’t want to miss the big reveal!

Watch the Video Here!

Get the Look: Tips and Tricks

Want to recreate this look at home? Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Mix Natural Textures: Combine wood, rattan, and soft luxurious fabrics to create a harmonious coastal vibe.
  • Play with Sand, Blues and Neutrals: These colors instantly evoke the feeling of being by the sea.
  • Incorporate Personal Touches: Add décor that reflects your personal style and interests to make the space truly yours. If you want home décor inspiration, make sure to check out our build your own bundle!

Join the Conversation

We’d love to hear what you think about this makeover! Drop a comment on our YouTube video or share your thoughts in the comments below. And if you try any of these ideas at home, don’t forget to tag us @freespiritbundle—we love seeing your creations!

Thanks for being part of the Free Spirit community. Stay tuned for more design inspiration, tips, and fabulous makeovers coming your way soon!

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