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Free Spirit Bundle Home Decor Subscription Box

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As a Subscriber, you will receive a Free Spirit Bundle every quarter and save $100 annually. You will also join the Free Spirit family and receive all the incredible Bundle bonuses!


•Shipping Included

•Quarterly Receive an Expertly Curated Home Décor Bundle

•Complementary Interior Design Services

•Exclusive Private Facebook Community

•Monthly Live Styling Events, Subscriber Only Giveaways, and More!


Each subscription box includes 4 to 7 quality, functional, beautiful items that can be used throughout your home all year long.


Every detail of this carefully curated luxe décor subscription box has been hand-picked for you. Even better, Victoria shares multi-functional ways to use each unique piece throughout your home.


By selecting this option, you purchase a subscription and will automatically be charged and receive each quarterly box. Remember, once your payment has been drafted towards your next quarterly bundle, you will not be refunded as we have limited openings and order accordingly. If you need to cancel your subscription, please send an email to bundles@freespiritdesigns.biz, and we will honor your request to do so.


Through your subscription purchase, you are a part of helping other families love where they call home. Victoria takes a portion of every luxe subscription box sold and uses her design talents to gift a complete room makeover to a family in need—make sure to see our Bundle Blessing latest.


We can’t wait to hear how you love your new, beautiful items!

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87 reviews for Free Spirit Bundle Home Decor Subscription Box

  1. Tanya Alfreds (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Bundle is beyond any of the decor subscriptions! Victoria’s taste has created a perfect and unique curated box for home decor! I am 2 boxes in and find myself looking forward to the next box! The February bundle was absolutely gorgeous and I am finding each quarterly box works perfectly with past boxes! And I reached out to Victoria for some decorating ideas and her suggestions where wonderful! I am just trying to find the right pieces she suggested! This beautiful box is worth every cent!!! Thank you Victoria and loved the live on decorating with the Feb bundle!!!

  2. Deb Scharrer (verified owner)

    A subscription box experience like none other! Such unique items, unique yet functional. Love the “ lives” and community interaction! Only one Free Spirit Victoria!

  3. Cheryl Stakowski (verified owner)

    This is curated and wrapped in such detail that it is a special gift and experience. Each piece is amazing quality,and the community and owner truly make it one of a kind. I strongly recommend!

  4. Jamie Smith (verified owner)

    This is a beautifully curated home decor box that blows all others out of the park. The pieces are so versatile and gorgeous. I’m once again completely satisfied with the February bundle. Victoria is very actively involved with her subscribers and if you can’t decide how to use a particular piece, she’ll give you some ideas. It feels like Christmas every quarter. We all deserve that little something extra.

  5. Allison Carbonneau (verified owner)

    I love these boxes. I have been a subscriber from the beginning and I am still just as excited to get a new box. The items flow beautifully from box to box and I love the refresh I get for my home every quarter. I also so enjoy the online community. I love seeing how the items are styled in different homes and love the opportunity to get feedback on my own design dilemmas. This is more than a subscription box in the best way!

  6. Erin Morgan (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Bundle just continues to exceed my expectations! Everything is beautifully curated and goes together seamlessly! I have 2 bundles now and I love pairing them together! Victoria is wonderful and the most hands on owner of anything I have ever been apart of! I would recommend this bundle a million times over!

  7. Kate Lewis (verified owner)

    Hands-down the best home decor subscription box I’ve received & I’ve had a lot of subscriptions. Everything is carefully curated, items are of high quality, & it’s easy to incorporate into your current decor. I’ve even received personalized design advice & couldn’t be more satisfied. Definitely a win!

  8. Amy Murillo (verified owner)

    So much care and consideration goes into every quarterly box of the Free Spirit Bundle. Not only do the items in the box coordinate beautifully, they also play very well with previous boxes, giving your home a lovely, cohesive look. If you’re in a quandary as to what you’ll use your items for, watch the monthly coffee talks and Victoria will share multiple uses for each item, along with other tips and a few laughs thrown in for good measure. This will truly be the happiest mail that you find on your doorstep!

  9. Shannon Palmer (verified owner)

    I love my Free Spirit Bundles! Each time a box is delivered, it is like Christmas Day! Every item is so carefully and beautifully wrapped and so purposefully curated. The little cards attached with several styling tips give options for now and the future when it is time for a refresh. I have never enjoyed a subscription box more! Thank you Victoria!

  10. KB (verified owner)

    February 2023 FSB is just my 3rd bundle and i am not surprised that i am in “love” with this…get it?? Hint hint Feb 14th. But this is not a Valentine day themed box with some cheesy Valentines decor but it contains neutral yet classy decor items that can be used all year around…and in any space. In fact, i love moving my items from FSB all over my house from room to room. As always, this box made me feel special and loved being that items within were wrapped like gifts. Of course the added bonus is getting decor ideas from Victoria herself and being part of her giving back program and the wonderful online community of Free Spirit Bundlers that she has created…What not to love…Thanks Victoria, Erica, Scott & the FSB Team.

  11. Suzanne (verified owner)

    I only subscribed just before the last bundle came out and couldn’t be happier that I did. Everything in it was not only beautiful and carefully curated, but quality items and wrapped and packaged so amazingly beautiful. Styling tips were even included with each item. Victoria has done a beautiful job with this subscription box and I cannot wait for the next one to arrive!

  12. Julie Mosher (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Bundle is not just a subscription box… It’s a community on the Facebook group where we can exchange ideas post pictures of how we use our items also the owner Victoria offers us free design advice. I can post a picture of a spot in my home and ask a question and she will not only give you a generic answer she will give you an in-depth answer with multiple options and suggestions and if possible even discount codes it’s incredible. The subscription box itself is so well put together every single item is wrapped to perfection the detail they put into even the tag that comes on each item is amazing and The styling tips for each item are also incredible every single piece that I have received is stunning even down to the special fall paper napkins. If you want the highest quality home decor subscription this is the box for you check it out I can’t say enough about how wonderful this company is the entire company it’s a whole new experience unlike any other

  13. Shauna W (verified owner)

    I received my first box in November and the quality and selection of the products were amazing. Better than I would have picked myself.
    I just watched a sneak peak of the the February box and all I can say is WOW!!! Victoria outdid herself. I love the last box but this box is AMAZING! I can’t wait to receive it.

  14. Deb Scharrer (verified owner)

    A subscription to this quarterly box is more than just receiving a box of perfectly and impeccably created treasures…. One also gains an experience of community, fun times, chuckles and healthy laughter with on line events etc. Also the give back program is heartwarming.
    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 5 hearts for 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  15. Erin Morgan (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Bundle has easily become my favorite decor subscription box. Not only are the items in the bundle beautiful and unique, the community that you belong to is awesome! Victoria has been nothing short amazing, with her guidance and support. I have really loved being a part of the Facebook group, where we share ideas with each other and get to hang out in live videos! This group is truly the best! Becoming a subscriber has been the best decision and I’m so looking forward to what Victoria has in store for us this year!

  16. KB (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Bundle has been consistently wowing me over the past year, since i started this subscription. For the holidays, i purchased a no. of items from her online live SipNShop event for Subscribers and i was super happy with the purchases. Victoria’s selection for these individual items were gorgeous. These, combined with the items from her regular bundle subscription, made for a gorgeous holiday and Winter display. Love it all! Can’t wait to see what Victoria has in store for this New Year!

  17. Deborah Peretz (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Bundle is by far my favorite subscription box and hands down the best design subscription box out there. It would have been enough to just receive the beautifully curated, unique, quality driven, gift wrapped items, but being a subscriber is to also be part of a project that gives back in a very special way, with Victoria’s Bundle Blessing. In addition, Victoria invites you to post any and all design questions in her private group, and she will answer with ideas and products! And believe me, she has patience. She also does live events where you can ask questions in real time and she is always giving us different ideas as to how to style the gorgeous products. I cannot wait to receive my Free Spirit Bundle every quarter! It’s so much more than a subscription box – it’s truly a community!

  18. Brandi Whitney (verified owner)

    Everything is stunning. Literally, everything. I’ve received several orders now, and it’s like Victoria has gotten to know me!!! I opened a surprise holiday box recently to find not one, but TWO items I’d wanted!! One, a gorgeous felted deer, was sitting next to another little deer I’d bought from a previous event when I first spotted them. I wanted both, but couldn’t justify it. There it was, in my surprise box! Along with my most coveted item – a garland made of hurricane bulbs. I CRIED WHEN I SAW IT!! I have never cried over decor, of course, but this is simply the most gorgeous thing I can imagine and it’s now in my home.

    Obviously, I’ve become a huge fan… I highly recommend giving a box a try so you get to experience it.

  19. Suzanne (verified owner)

    I recently came across your subscription bundle and I am so glad I did. I just received my November bundle and just love everything about it. This box did not disappoint and what attention to detail! Every item is beautiful and all so beautifully wrapped and packaged. Such a wonderful way to be inspired and begin decorating my new home. The only bummer is having to wait for the next one.

  20. Emily (verified owner)

    I look forward to my bundle every quarter. I’m a busy mom of 5 and I just feel so special when I receive my package full of amazing items for my home. You will not be disappointed with this subscription! It’s like home goods/local boutique/etc in the mail!!

  21. Maria S. (verified owner)

    I love everything about this box. I have only had it for a few months but it has already become my favorite subscription box! The attention to detail and the quality of each piece continues to blow me away! 10/10 recommend!

  22. Emily (verified owner)

    November 2022 was my first box and I am so in love with all of the thoughtfulness that Victoria has brought to this box to elevate our homes and our moods! The pieces are so unique and not something I would ever seek out on my own which makes it feel as if they are special gifts. It truly is happiness in a box and it’s even beautifully gift wrapped to boot!

  23. Jamie Smith (verified owner)

    This is the most amazing subscription box you will find. Every piece is absolutely gorgeous and the boxes are personalized and curated with such care. It feels like Christmas when it comes to your door. It’s also a great little community, Victoria is very responsive and gives out designer advice and a portion of the proceeds of each box is paid forward to someone in need of a blessing. You are paying for more than a subscription box. You are paying for a complete experience.

  24. Linda Mello (verified owner)

    I’ve been a part of Free Spirit Bundles since the beginning. I’m always amazed at the quality of the items and at how they fit in my home. I love that Tori provides us with several suggestions on how to use each item. I also love that we’re helping to give back with the Blessing Bundle.

  25. Diane Butler (verified owner)

    I have been a subscriber from day 1, I have to say this has been a true experience for me. Every box is unique and can be combined with items from the prior boxes. Tory your explanation on how to use each item multiple ways has truly opened my eyes. And I love with the subscription box that I. An reach out to Tory for ideas and suggestions for decorating my home. 100% customer service.

  26. Jane Atwater (verified owner)

    The November 2022 bundle is my first bundle and I cannot articulate how meticulously it was curated in both style and craftsmanship. Each piece as delightful as the next! I will be eagerly awaiting future bundles!

  27. Claire Riha (verified owner)

    I just recently got my first bundle and really love it! I can’t wait for the next one. Also this subscription has an associated Facebook group which I have been enjoying be a part of. Great home decor tips with a really fun upbeat feel to it.

  28. Deb Scharrer (verified owner)

    I was so excited to receive my Free Spirit Bundle and over the moon when it arrived. Five stars and more!!! Exquisitely and thoughtfully curated & packaged – every piece a treasure! Victoria, you are so talented and your passion is reflected from the selection of product, packaging presentation, community interactions and give back programs. This subscription box is a keeper!

  29. Kelly Millet (verified owner)

    I was thinking about signing up for the free spirit bundle for a while. I finally did it and it did not disappoint. It was an experience opening it up. I felt like it was Christmas morning. Every item was beautifully wrapped & I received a handwritten note for my first box.

  30. Shauna Wright (verified owner)

    I was in a decorating slump when I saw an unboxing for this subscription box. I was instantly in love. I couldn’t wait for my first box so I ordered some products from past boxes while I waited for the November box. My November box came today and I am already waiting for the next one to come out! I loved that Victoria not only chose great things for the box but that she gives us so many ideas on how to use them. That is why I thought the price was worth it. What I didn’t expect was Victoria herself. She’s amazing. She immediately reached out to me to welcome me and responds to anything I ask. She basically treated my like one of her best friends from day one. I have had several subscription boxes in the past and I will say that not only are the products in this box far superior to any other subscription but the way Victoria treats her subscribers is something I have never experienced before. That is far more valuable to me than what is actually in the box.

  31. Amy Murillo (verified owner)

    Just received my first box and it’s like Christmas, everything beautifully wrapped and every item is one that I love! There is so much goodness that comes along with this subscription ~ an interior designer that will personally help you with any questions about your own home, quarterly coffee chats filled with design ideas and the ability to ask questions live and best of all the give back opportunity that a portion of your purchase goes towards. What’s not to love?!

  32. Deborah Peretz (verified owner)

    OMG this box is flawless! This is my second one and I feel so special opening it. As if everything were curated and packaged perfectly for me – and I’m sure every subscriber feels the same way! Every piece is quality driven and brings positivity and beauty to my home. But on top of that, knowing that Victoria is there to answer any questions I have about my home – any question! – it’s like having a professional designer at your fimgertips. Who has that?!?!? Free Spirit Bundle is absolutely hands down my favorite box!

  33. Jennifer Lipowicz (verified owner)

    I just received my first box & I cannot express how beautiful everything is!! I love the way the box was put together with items individually wrapped & the hand written card along with tags that were thoughtfully included to help you style each item. Everything was gorgeous & I’m beyond excited to find a place for each item! This box will definitely elevate the aesthetic of my home & the personalized level of service is the icing on the cake!!

  34. KB (verified owner)

    I received my November Bundle from Free Spirit Bundle(my 2nd one) & yet again, i am amazed! I used this one in an unexpected yet, adorable & functional setting…a gorgeous Breakfast in bed ensemble!😍
    As vouched for by my fellow Subscribers, this whole bundle is an incredible experience in itself just opening it…every item is beautifully and meticulously packaged!
    Also, Victoria(the Owner) provides wonderful design tips with each item in the box…inspires me to think outside the box…🥰
    The carved mango wood tray is my absolute favorite(so, i didn’t want to cover it with the gorgeous fall paper napkin)and…it smells amazing too…yeah, i did smell it…guilty as charged…😜
    Love Free Spirit Bundle!

  35. Erin Morgan (verified owner)

    I just received my first box and I absolutely love it!! The personal touches of how the items were wrapped completely blew me away. I felt like I was opening gifts thoughtfully picked out for me! And the items themselves are so beautiful and I had so much joy placing them in my home. Subscribing to this bundle means belonging to a family and Victoria certainly makes all feel the love! So happy!!

  36. Julie Mosher (verified owner)

    November Bundle is my 1st quarterly box…I am so thrilled! I can’t say enough about the way each item is wrapped, each with a tag giving decorating ideas. Getting candlesticks is great but what’s even better is getting the actual candles (not just generic tapers). This is the gift I give myself. Being able to update my decor, with items that build from 1 box to the next, is so nice. The items are all excellent quality. The customer service is beyond incredible. The items are packed so well and arrive in perfect condition. The special Facebook group is such a fun & informative place… It is a community of wonderful like-minded people. Victoria puts so much thought into each curation. Getting free design advice via the Facebook group is invaluable. This is definitely my favorite home decor subscription. We get to be involved in extra events & live design talks. I can’t say enough about how extraordinary this subscription bundle is❣️❣️❣️

  37. Diane Butler (verified owner)

    This is the one thing I do for myself, and I couldn’t be happier. I love opening my box every quarter and being surprised with all the lovely treasures inside. Already getting excited for the next box. Try it ladies, do something for you a little feel good for the soul!

  38. Deborah Peretz (verified owner)

    OMG!!! Just got my first box and I am in love! The curation looked amazing on the YouTube unboxing that I saw but when you receive it in person it is so much more – if you can believe that. Truly unique and quality driven. Each piece is wrapped so beautifully, and I could tell they were all chosen with care and intention. I prefer to drop the less expensive boxes and just stick with one quality subscription – and this is it! LOVE!

  39. Amy Murillo (verified owner)

    Although I haven’t received my first box yet (looking forward to November!), I can’t sing enough praise for Victoria and her beautiful subscription box. There is so much goodness that comes along with becoming a subscriber and a member of the Living Beyond Ordinary and Free Spirit Bundle community. Victoria opens up her time and talent to answer any design questions you may have for your home, from furniture arrangement, to lighting, colors and so much more. The quarterly live coffee talks are another bonus, she shares her lovely home with us and we are able to ask questions and get new ideas for decorating our own spaces. I’m looking forward to receiving my first beautifully packaged, beautifully curated box!

  40. Lara Mangiarelli (verified owner)

    I received my first official bundle in August (took advantage of the choose your own in July) and I’m in love!! Such amazing items, don’t know what my favorite is!! And such thoughtful touches and presentation. It’s like opening a birthday gift. The items are so easily giftable too! I’m so grateful to have found you Victoria!!!

  41. KB (verified owner)

    My 1st official Free Spirit Bundle i.e;the August Bundle and i am Wowed! I actually, originally did not make the cut for the August bundle(had signed up for the November bundle) as they were sold out.
    But, i let them know in June that i was interested if they had extra stock! Well they kept that in mind and reached out to me the week before to say one was available.
    So, needless to say, i jumped at this opportunity…and here it is…within a week! Exceptional CS! Love everything in this Bundle. Exceptional quality & beautiful yet functional items!
    Everything was beautifully wrapped like a gift!
    Whats more, the Warning sign sticker on the box read “Opening this package will cause extreme happiness” brought a smile to my face! How thoughtful of Victoria and Erica!
    Love it when subscription boxes deliver such personal, thoughtful touches!💝 Can’t wait for my next Bundle!

  42. Malia Arnold (verified owner)

    I got my very first bundle and it is so amazing! Everything is such high quality and gorgeous. The presentation is above and beyond! I’m so happy I discovered this box, definitely the best home decor box I have ever received!

  43. Lara Mangiarelli (verified owner)

    Well done Victoria, you are the real deal!!! I haven’t even received my first box but I’m already so beyond impressed! I’ve never gotten a personal call after placing an order with any small business to thank you for my order. And then she went on to tell me about all the great things that come with my subscription. Even better, we chatted and got to know a little bit about one another. I’m so excited about getting the next box, I have a designer that I can ask questions to and helping you help another family is icing on the cake.
    Thank you!!

  44. Janie Drew (verified owner)

    Oh my goodness!! This is the best gift you can give yourself! I loved every single item and it fit right into my home! Customer service is amazing and so helpful! I feel like i am part of a family! The pieces were all above and beyond what i expected!! Already anticipating and planning my next pieces!

  45. Annie Howe (verified owner)

    I have several home decor subscriptions, and this one is by far my favorite! The best thing about the Free Spirit Bundle is the quality. These are not items you are going to find at a craft store or discount home decor store. These are high end items, hand curated by a talented and successful interior designer. The style is always on point and the quality is unmatched. There is also an online community for fellow subscribers, so you have all the support you need to find places for your bundle items in your own home.

  46. Christine Green

    I am “beyond” impressed with my very first box! I recently purchased a new sideboard and have been looking for items to decorate it. I was able to use two of the beautiful items to make this piece exactly what I wanted it to be! I cannot wait for my August bundle! I 100% recommend Victoria and her amazing team!

  47. Cherie Hardy (verified owner)

    Victoria you have such a creative ability to bring such a beauty to our home. When that quarterly box shows up at the door, I am like a little girl on Christmas Day!
    Your selections are excellent. I have to say if I’m not sure what to do with something, from the bundle, your suggestion cards have all the answers!

    I look forward to my new Free Spirit Bundle.

  48. Emily Brooks

    No subscription box compares in quality! The items are so intentional & I still can’t believe the quality of EVERY ITEM! It’s so much more than your average subscription box!! 10/1000🤩

  49. Misty Ruddell (verified owner)

    This is the first quarter that I have subscribed and I have loved this subscription. The community is so friendly. Tori gives design advice included with the subscription, that has been worth the money alone! And to my surprise I could use every item in the subscription bundle even though my home is designed pretty well already! Plus the quality was superb.

  50. Holly Ladd (verified owner)

    I’ve received two bundles now from Free Spirit and WOW. The quality and thoughtfulness that goes into each bundle is very special. I like to be able to see the “value” in each subscription box I subscribe to and this one I do see that value. The Cloche that we received in the May Bundle is by far one of the most unique pieces I’ve seen. And it’s beautiful very good quality glass. And the unique Art piece that was in the February bundle might be one of my favorite pieces I’ve ever received in a box. it’s so simple yet so unique. Also Victoria’s warm spirit adds to the specialness of this box.

  51. Shelley Lindsey (verified owner)

    I am blown away with every bundle. I always feel so special when I open my box. Everything is so preciously wrapped with string and little bits of color from dried flowers. It’s almost like you don’t wanna open it because it’s so pretty. But then… when you open it you just fall in love with all of the unique items. There are so ways to use each piece and anywhere in your home. Victoria attaches a card to each item explaining how you can use it and a link to watch video too. It’s all in the details. Victoria has an amazing talent for these details.

  52. Shelly L (verified owner)

    I can’t tell you how much I love getting these bundles every quarter. The only thing I wish for is that you did they every month. SO many unique and beautiful items. Would highly recommend to anyone.

  53. Shelly R (verified owner)

    Victoria takes such care in curating the times for her subscription boxes and bundles. Everything is beautiful and so versatile! It’s like Christmas when the subscription box arrives each quarter, and I can’t wait to open them. It’s an incredible value, not just in the items, but also in the suggestions Victoria provides for various ways the items can be used.

  54. Allyson Newcomb (verified owner)

    Free Spirit Designs Bundle is a highlight in our home. We’ve been receiving the bundles from the beginning and have used and utilized every item.
    It is such a blessing to have Victoria’s eye for detail brought to life in my home through this bundle. Since I cannot have her in-home being 500 miles away, this is the next best thing!!!

  55. Mary Lauren (verified owner)

    The attention to detail matches the high quality items included in each bundle. Tory has an eye and I have enjoyed adding these unique items to my home. Having access to the private Facebook group to share ideas on how to use the items and access to Tory’s decorator brain is what makes this subscription stand out from the rest. Just do it, you won’t regret it!

  56. Linda Mello (verified owner)

    Subscribing to Free Spirit Bundles has been a great experience for me. It’s helped me with my home decor and doing things with items that I would never have thought of. I look forward to each bundle knowing that I’m able to gift what I’m not able to use in my home!

  57. Brandi Ahmad (verified owner)

    If you’re wondering if you should subscribe…don’t wait any longer!!! I have loved every bundle so much for not just the individual pieces but all the amazing small touches done to share how to potentially use them in your home!! Tory also does an amazing job of sharing design suggestion videos in our exclusive social media groups which is another super valuable part of my subscription! Lastly, having a portion of our box go to loving on a sweet family going thru a hard time is a lovely touch kindness. I have used most everything in my home, but there are a few pieces that I have been able to gift if I didn’t necessarily find a home for it! My boys even get excited when they see my package on the porch now!!

  58. Janice z (verified owner)

    Each time I receive my Free Spirit Bundle it’s like opening presents on Christmas morning. Each piece beautifully wrapped with the utmost care and attention to detail. Most importantly receiving my subscription boxes is a reminder to me that I am loved, cared for ,and deserve the best!

  59. Carla (verified owner)

    I get so excited each time I get the email that says my box has shipped, just candy wait to open my gift! I love the detail of how each box is personally packaged, it’s like Christmas every time 🥰
    Love having new, beautiful items to decorate my home with & even part with a few for gifts!

  60. Leslie Heinrichs (verified owner)

    I enjoy everything about this subscription box. Each box comes with decorating items that are uniquely and beautifully wrapped which makes it so fun to open. (It’s like getting to celebrate your birthday four times a year!)

    The decorating items are not only beautiful design elements but have functionality. Tory and her team are excellent at walking you through design tips for each item.

    I love that I have items from each box now throughout my home.
    I look forward to the next box!

  61. Allyson Newcomb (verified owner)

    To say I’m happy with my subscription is an understatement!
    I absolutely love everything Victoria chooses for these priceless boxes, her attention to detail and multi-functionality of each piece. Almost every item can be used in various ways. (Even though a pillow is a pillow it can live in various places).

    She’s fresh, on-trend and even before the trend and it feels like Christmas every time a box arrives.
    My kids even get super excited about it’s arrival.
    Thank you Tory for helping my home look better and be more inviting.
    ~ Forever subscriber

  62. Vanesa Beattie (verified owner)

    There are so many subscription boxes to choose from; however I believe none of them deliver the personal touches that the Living Beyond bundle brings. Each high end item is carefully wrapped and tagged with Victoria’s inspiration for styling the item. You can feel her spirit when you open your bundle; it’s like your birthday, with lots of thoughtfully wrapped gifts. I cannot wait for the Summer bundle and feel that Victoria brings a refreshing energy to the subscription box arena. Thank you Free Spirit Designs team!

  63. Emily (verified owner)

    I always look forward to opening my Living Beyond Ordinary subsription box! I’ve received three boxes so far and each box is first of all, so fun to open, with the items beautifully wrapped with helpful tips attached of how to use each item in different ways. The items Tory picks out are unique, useful and beautiful. Tory’s eye for detail and quality is seen in every box!

  64. Becky Murphy (verified owner)

    I am on my third bundle, and I have enjoyed each one. I look forward to receiving my bundle each quarter and unpacking it is like opening a present on Christmas morning. As someone who does not have the gift of decorating, I appreciate the thoughtfulness that Victoria puts into picking each piece, including a description of the different ways we can use the piece in our homes. I’ve used the pieces in my home, at my work office, and as gifts for others.

  65. Erica

    Tory’s knowledge of design is definitely evident in her choices for this box. Things that I would never think to buy on my own look so great in my home! I love the excitement of receiving my box every quarter.

  66. Lisa Di Donato (verified owner)

    Victoria puts her heart and amazing talent into every bundle she puts together. All items are carefully picked to ensure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. I have received 3 so far and have loved them all. So many beautiful items I wouldn’t have found on my own. You can also share some of your treasures and give them as gifts. The packaging is thoughtful and the unboxing experience is so enjoyable I look forward to my next bundle!!

  67. Diane B (verified owner)

    Ladies you have to give this subscription a try, I truly love it. Every piece is high end and I have also been able to mix pieces from the first 2 boxes together. All pieces are beautifully wrapped and if there happens to be something I might not use I will gift it to a family member or friend. (Has not happened yet as I love all the pieces so far). Come check out all the beautiful items that are tagged to give you ideas on how to use them. Tory is amazing at what she does and can help you with decorating ideas. Come join the fun.

  68. Christie (verified owner)

    I absolutely love every bundle!!! The items inside have been perfect for our coastal home and some items I have given as gifts that friends love! I also have purchased bundles for gifts – the first bundle I purchased again for my best friend who had just had a baby and moved into a new home:) The second I bought twice as well one for my mom for Mother’s Day- you won’t be disappointed and it’s crazy how the bundles ALWAYS work for any style!!!

  69. Robin Collins (verified owner)

    I got my third bundle and am in love. I found a place for everything! The mirror does not get justice in pictures. It’s so beautiful and works perfectly by my door to hold my dog leashes and keys and has a little shelf where I put a candle. I LOVE it!

    There’s nothing else like this subscription bundle! They always come beautifully packaged, easy to open, ready to place, and it’s so fun to open. The individual tags are brilliant as they give us so many different ways to use the items. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED subscribing to this bundle/box.

  70. Shelley Lindsey (verified owner)

    Every three months I look forward to a beautifully filled package from Free Spirit Design’s Living Beyond Ordinary Bundle. You never know what it will be, but you know it will be amazing. I have been fortunate to receive all of Victoria’s bundles. Every item adds a little touch of beauty that helps my house feel more like a home. Each item is so unique and well thought out. I cannot wait for my next bundle

  71. Emily Jennings (verified owner)

    I have had several different subscriptions over the years and this one is by far the best! The packaging is gorgeous and each item is thoughtfully packed. I think my favorite thing is the little tag that give different suggestions for use. Every box gets better and I look forward to it immensely!!

  72. Shelly lingor (verified owner)

    Third bundle is incredible! So many unique items for my home and I also took some of them to work for decor and practical uses. The pillow is my favorite. So versatile and they all look so classy. Wish I could get a bundle every month.

  73. Chyre (verified owner)

    Oh friends! I got my summer bundle and it was like Christmas! Every time I pull an item out of the box my eyes start searching my house for the perfect spot. I will admit there is one beautiful piece that I just can’t decide where it should go. I will find the perfect place! I have a couple of things put back for Christmas gifts too! I can’t wait for my next bundle.

  74. Vanesa Beattie (verified owner)

    There are so many subscription boxes to choose from; however I believe none of them deliver the personal touches that the Living Beyond bundle brings. Each high end item is carefully wrapped and tagged with Victoria’s inspiration for styling the item. You can feel her spirit when you open your bundle; it’s like your birthday, with lots of thoughtfully wrapped gifts. I cannot wait for the Summer bundle and feel that Victoria brings a refreshing energy to the subscription box arena. Thank you Free Spirit Designs team!

  75. Jill S (verified owner)

    You remember the feeling you had Christmas morning when you were a little kid? Well that is how I felt opening my second box. It’s almost like the entire box was picked out just for me. Didn’t think it was possible to top my first box… magic magic boom. They just keep getting better.

  76. Allyson Newcomb (verified owner)

    I am giddy with excitement when I open the door and see my subscription box at the door.
    Both boxes have over delivered in every way. My 3 older kids even get excited to help me unpack the amazing items. (I had to hide the box to be able to open it solo with this second subscription) LOL.

    Victoria is an amazing designer, and being a part of her subscription bundles comes with an amazing private FB group where she gives us personalized advice when we ask.

    You will not be disappointed in any way when you get this. It is the most perfect gift!

    Stop waiting.
    Subscribe already 😉

  77. Jill S (verified owner)

    You remember the feeling you had Christmas morning when you were a little kid? Well that is how I felt opening my second box. It’s almost like the entire box was picked out just for me. Didn’t think it was possible to top my first box… magic magic boom. They just keep getting better

  78. Linda Mello (verified owner)

    I was skeptical ordering my first bundle. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to use or like any of the contents. Boy was I wrong! I loved everything and found places for all of them in my home.
    I couldn’t wait to get my spring bundle. I felt like a kid waiting for her birthday to arrive! Tory puts so much thought and love into the selections she makes. I love the tags that she puts on each piece with suggestions on how to use them. Can’t wait for the summer one.

  79. Diane (verified owner)

    I love this subscription, so many wonderful pieces that you can use in Different ways. Tori does an amazing job showing you all the different ways to utilize these items. Check out her website for wonderful ideas.

  80. Chyre (verified owner)

    When I heard about these bundles I was immediately in. I love to add new decorative touches to my house and I knew that these were just what I wanted. The two bundles I have received had the most beautiful items that worked perfectly with my decor and several things were just what I needed for a cute gift. I can’t wait to see the next one. If you are thinking of subscribing, DO IT! And, each item comes with a tag with wonderful ideas for ways to use them that I would have never thought of. Seriously, it’s so fun and I love it all!

  81. Shelly Lingor (verified owner)

    When I got my first bundle I didn’t think that the next bundle could compare but then got the second edition bundle. Second is better than the first and can’t wait to get my next one! Wish they would come every month! Would make a wonderful gift for your wife/girlfriend and they come 4 times a year!

  82. Shelley Lindsey (verified owner)

    Victoria did not disappoint with Spring Bundle! It felt like Christmas in May. This bundle was just as amazing as the last (If not more). Victoria is so talented in what she does. I can’t wait till my next bundle.

  83. Lisa Di Donato (verified owner)

    After getting that beautiful beyond bundle my expectations were high going into the spring one. Victoria did not disappoint! Everything is wrapped so beautifully, it feels like it was put together especially for you. The items are stylish, interesting , and functional. This subscription is worth every penny!

  84. Shelly Lingor (verified owner)

    What an amazing and beautiful spring bundle! I am ready for the summer bundle. So many super cute items that can really be used in any home. It’s like Christmas in May, wish we could do one every month.
    Highly recommend you subscribe. You will not be disappointed!

  85. Robin Collins (verified owner)

    I didn’t think Tory could beat my love for the first box with another, but this Spring Bundle has definitely done that. I LOVE it even more than the first! You want to know something special about these Bundles that beats any other one out there – you can unbox EVERYTHING in the Bundle without needing a knife to open things, or scissors to cut things, etc. If an item comes in the Bundle in its box (for fragile reasons), Tory has opened the box for you AND then wrapped it in pretty paper with gorgeous twine and inspirational stickers. There were three “presents” to open inside this Bundle! 😍😍

    I felt so special receiving a personalized, hand-written card waiting for me to read the moment I opened my Bundle. This truly is my FAVORITE subscription box I’ve ever subscribed to. Every item already has a place in my home. My favorite item is the glass bowl, which I’ve filled full with baby succulents.

    If you’re on the fence about subscribing with this company, jump off and subscribe. You will not regret it!

  86. Maria

    GREAT GIFT/ IDEA! Definitely buy this! Thank you!

  87. Christy Rainey (verified owner)

    This is such a fun way to collect beautiful items to decorate your home with! I got my first subscription box May 1st…and it felt like Christmas morning opening up all the gifts and immediately being inspired with where to put them in the house! These are high quality items that you will absolutely love!! Tory is amazing,by the way, and such a fun-loving,inspirational, relational, creative and talented interior designer. Her business is so worth supporting!💖

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"Hands-down the best home decor subscription box I’ve received & I’ve had a lot of subscriptions. Everything is carefully curated, items are of high quality, & it’s easy to incorporate into your current decor. I’ve even received personalized design advice & couldn’t be more satisfied. Definitely a win!"


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